Thursday, 20 July 2017

Labour - Why Cancel Student Debt? Because Twitter Told Them To

To put it mildly the General Election didn't quite go according to plan for the Conservatives. It's been mooted that Labour's command of Twitter and Facebook to capture the attention of the young voter was key to their higher than expected vote. With recent attention turning to student debt there are claims and counter claims as to what Labour did and didn't promise. What is clear is that Labour's best e-friend, Twitter, could now turn out to be their worst enemy. On the 22nd May Labour officially announced that they would scrap tuition fees. No doubt this policy was focus grouped and researched before inserting into the manifesto and I would imagine they felt quite pleased with themselves. However a quick trawl of twitter on the day of the announcement shows that this was not well received by students. Below is a snap shot of literally hundreds of responses in a twitter fall calling for the cancellation of student debt.

And the reason for these calls for student debt cancellation. Just two days before their announcement on tuition fees the Green Party had announced in their manifesto that they would cancel student debt. The genie was already out of the bottle. Labour's campaign masters will have noticed and will have known they needed to placate the young voters with a bigger offer. It was too late for the manifesto but not to be trumped by their left wing competitors this 'new and improved' offer came on the 2nd June when Jeremy Corbyn said in an interview that he would deal with student debt. This was accepted as a promise by Labour to cancel student debt and with more twitter comments clearly confirming this the votes just rolled in. And if anyone is in any doubt this is just one of many tweets after his announcement;

With Labour being so influenced by Twitter they have created a storm of their own making.

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