Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Glastonbury - The silent voice of the f***ing workers

Glastonbury! Awash with celebs milking the opportunity to get into the public, festival goers and of course Jeremy Corbyn. Adored by his followers paying hundreds of pounds to be there and even more if they drive there. 

A group completely ignored in all this are the workers most of which could only dream of having enough disposable income to spend on a music festival. Security guards for example, many of which are ex-serviceman. 

A first hand account from one such guard whose job it was to patrol the fence that keeps the poor people at bay while the bourgeoisie revel. When Corbyn took to stage he said ...
"if anyone wants to come over the fence to have a go at him I'll f***ing help 'em over".

There's always another point of view.

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