Friday, 26 May 2017


For the UK, the World War 2 started with the phoney war. This relative calm was shattered with Luftwaffe attacks on our airfields and then came the blitz. Early in the war we were stoic but we were, in all honesty, losing. The war on the Nazi regime at that point was not working. At no time did our leaders give up. War leaders including Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee continued the fight and gave no quarter in word or deed to the aggressors and led us to victory and freedom.

Contrast this to the current Labour leadership who has announced changes to our foreign policy and lessening our international reach and projection of military power, the rationale being that our war on terror is not working. Even on very basic analysis this is plainly wrong. We were reminded after the 2015 Paris attacks that our security services prevented seven terrorist attacks in one year. 

This week a bomber got through and we are all shocked, horrified and angered but how many others were prevented? How many plots don't even begin with potential perpetrators discouraged by our strong military presence and unwavering message of defiance.  Yes it's right to review our responses in the light of this attack but it's just as right to send a message to the terrorists that we are united in the civilised world and will continue the fight to rid the world of warped ideology. 

The western world will have a mixed response to Jeremy Corbyn's speech but to the terrorists' world this will be seen as a victory for their hurt and aggression. It will be used as a recruiting sergeant to convince the doubtful that their wicked campaign is working. The evil seek to divide us and they will be telling their foot soldiers that a potential Prime Minister of a major western nation has wavered in the face of their terror. 

We shouldn't be surprised at his speech. His association with some of the world's most evil is well documented and in 2004 backed an early day motion supporting a Journalists assertion that there was no genocide in Kosovo  (Early Day Motion Denial of Kosovo Genocide). 

It is an almost patriotic duty for all politicians to distance themselves from the Labour Leader's words.

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