Sunday, 28 August 2016

Conference Security or Job Security?

To Tory onlookers, like me, it is very amusing watching the Labour party lurch from one crisis to the next. At the time of writing their latest was their debacle over security providers to the Labour Party Conference. To paraphrase Jeremy Corbyn's predecessor it ended in a 'grotesque chaos' only to be rescued at the very last moment with the appointment of OCS. Having been intricately involved with Party Conference security with the hotel industry at party conferences I still remain unconvinced that OCS can validate security 
clearances  in time but I sincerely and absolutely hope they do.

I really don't care what trouble Labour NEC's dogma gets its own party into but I really do care about the negative impact on ordinary workers their dogma brings. Ironic that this conference is in Liverpool, the very city where the Militant Labour council leaders callously used their own workers as bargaining chips in a vile political game in which even they admitted they were making 31,000 council workers redundant was a tactic to buy time. 

Party conferences are excellent news for the hosting town. They are planned well in advance, they bring vast amounts of business from across the UK and internationally. Businesses serving a party conference forecast over a year in advance the supplies they will need, the services they will  use and, above all, the hours of payroll which need to be budgeted for. Workers in conference venues, restaurants, hotels and a myriad of other places will be given extra shifts, extra workers recruited and jobs secured, all because of a few days of party politics. 

Most reading this will have attended conference and will know just by looking around how busy it is and the amount of staff that are being employed directly and indirectly. Even at the periphery, public transport gets a boost, businesses get unrivalled publicity and the host town gets recognition as a provider of major conferences which could secure future business and secure yet more jobs.

In short, party conferences are excellent news for workers and from my own personal experience I know this all too well. If there were needed yet more reasons why only the Conservative Party are the party of the workers you will not see any reference to workers from Labour MPs and activists. We have heard about the Labour Conference's importance as its "Sovereign decision making body" from Labour's John Woodcock and even Unite's Len McClusky, whose first concern should be his membership, prefers to pick fights with fellow Union Boss Tim Roache of the GMB. While Labour boycotts and the Union barons bicker it is the workers who are caught in the cross fire, just as they were in this very city 31 years ago. 

Will their in fighting mean they won't get that overtime? Will their jobs be less secure without the big business of a party conference? Not one Labour MP or Union leader has said the conference must go ahead for the sake of the workers and it would never occur to them to do so. Why is this? Because they only care about there sorry selves, their self promotion and self preservation and have the thinnest veneer of compassion for the conference workers. These are the workers who have been looking forward to a few more hours, more pay. These are the workers who have been looking forward to a bit more hard earned spending money than they would normally have through the dignity of a pay packet.

The true workers' party are the Conservative Party and as a Conservative I passionately care and I am very glad the conference workers in Liverpool now have a little more certainty about whether or not they will have work to do at the end of September.

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