Friday, 17 June 2016

Jo Cox MP

They're on the take, all in it for themselves, they do nothing. These are things politicians, whether amateur or professional, hear all the time and we know it is wrong. We know that we seek election because we want to serve those who give us the privilege of representing them on the Council, in Parliament or wherever but this is often overlooked in favour of louder less complimentary commentary. But when challenged you soon discover that these negative sentiments are based on very few MP's who have been in the news for the wrong reasons or even on just one MP (maybe their own) who needs to buck their ideas up. There are hundreds of MPs and the vast and overwhelming majority are there for the right reasons. I would hazard a guess that before the astonishingly tragic events in Birstall few would have heard of Jo Cox just as few have heard of many MPs and some don't know their own. What I hope and pray for out of this tragedy is now that everyone knows what a dedicated Member of Parliament Jo Cox was that she can now be the exemplar of what it is to be a brilliant constituency MP and that the overwhelming majority of MP's are dedicated to serving their constituents.

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