Sunday, 26 July 2015

Why Labour Needs Jeremy

This is Cheddar cheese. Not the cheddar cheese you find in supermarkets around the world. This is real cheddar made in the village of Cheddar matured in a cave in Cheddar Gorge. In other words the rare and genuine article. Compare this to what has been happening to the Labour party over the past couple of decades. Unable to out gun the Conservatives on their own agenda at the 1992 General Election they took on Conservative values and policies. By promising to stick to Conservative spending plans and ditching their commitment to state ownership of industry and after junking raft of other socialist policies they also ditched their principles. By becoming quasi-conservative they attracted voters but  alienated en masse their own party members. In other words they became a metaphorical mass produced cheddar. It worked for a while until the party couldn't remain in denial any longer and returned to their socialist roots with the election of Ed Miliband as their leader. Labour's problem with Ed Miliband wasn't his politics, he was just a very poor leader. He lacked direction, chose the wrong people to run his campaign, made too many false assumptions about the electorate and relied too much on presenting a public image rather than his true self. He must have desperately wanted to be genuine Cheddar but weak in the face of advisers and PR guru's he presented as a poor cheesy copy. Jeremy Corbyn offers the Labour movement the genuine article and he presents his politics honestly, without compromise and true to the party's roots and values. Don't get me wrong I detest pretty much everything Jeremy Corbyn stands for and as Prime Minister would be a disaster for this country. If he is leader in 2020 I would fight with tooth and claw to make sure he never gets hold of the reigns of power. But I do admire him for sticking to his principles, however misguided, and not pretending to be something he isn't. If Labour is to rebuild they need to get back to principles and fight for what they believe in and not what makes them popular.

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