Thursday, 28 August 2014

After 2 years, Douglas Gives Me The Answer

On 8th October 2012 I asked Douglas Carswell with his almost defamatory views, when will you be joining UKIP? Seems the answer is 28th August 2014. I could be smug but anyone into politics would have seen this coming from a mile away.

I'm very pleased to say that I have always opposed and challenged his brand of disloyalty and offbeat form of back bench barracking. When he was being particularly pointed and asked him why he was being so cruel his answer was "I'm holding the Government to account" (it's somewhere on twitter if you want to search for it). He's lost the plot, that's obvious and when I'm down in Clacton with RoadTrip2015 I expect to see him washing his dirty linen in the town centre. The very sad thing about all this is the disloyalty. I had the great honour of being asked to speak Margaret Thatchers Birthday Commemoration in Grantham, a year after her passing. The speech was to a room full of Conservatives but also a number of UKIPers, many of which were former Tories, just like Douglas. None of them had the right to claim Margaret Thatcher as their own. She was loyal to the end,the very end. UKIP was formed in 1993, Mrs Thatcher died in 2013. She had 20 years to join UKIP and never did, even after being brought down by her own she was a true Conservative. She knew the meaning of loyalty, the party being bigger than any member and nailing your colours to the mast. To Douglas and his ilk, loyalty means nothing and he'll just wither in Margaret's long shadow.

Monday, 11 August 2014

UKIP - One Up on the Sex Pistols

There are few figures in living memory that evoke such hatred, such loathing and such emotional response as Adolf Hitler. He can be scorned, mocked and pilloried but never, NEVER, be held in any esteem for any reason at any time. This fact seems to be lost on UKIP after Bill Etheridge lauded the speaking skills and oratory of Hitler to the their youth wing. Nigel Farage himself has been uncharacteristically silent on the matter but the general consensus of the rank and file of UKIP is that Bill Etheridge is right, Hitler should be admired for his oratory. Despite uproar from all quarters UKIP are defiantly supportive of their MEP with one supporter tweeting  "I don't get is an absolute well known fact that Hitler was a brilliant orator!!! Probably the best ever...". Personally I place Winston Churchill as the best orator ever and UKIP need to be made to get that. Placing Hitler in any positive light is leaped upon by the most unsavoury of our society and UKIP need to get that. Even now the sheer terror of the Nazi regime has not dimmed in the national consciousness. The Channel 4 antiques show, 4 rooms, featured a bust of Hitler (Rather lose £39,000 than see Hitler Celebrated). Dealer, Andrew Lamberty, bought the piece when all others refused with the sole intention of keeping it away from Hitler idolaters. He could've made a mint but gave it to Yad Vashem. A few years earlier, The Sex Pistols first appearance on TV almost never happened. A swastika armband was being worn by their assistant, Jordan. Sydney Berstein, the head of Granada Television issued an ultimatum, cover up the swastika or the show gets pulled. Despite pleas of 'context' and 'just a fashion statement' Sex Pistols relented and the show went on. They got it, UKIP needs to get it too but to solve a problem you first have to admit there's a problem.