Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Open Letter calling on Andy Burnham - Apologise to Your Constituents

Dear Mr. Burnham,

‘What sort of message are we sending out when we say social care is the lowest form of work – lower even than McDonald’s.’

I write following your speech to Unite the Union in Liverpool where you stated the above quote. Notwithstanding the high regard held for care workers and others in social care employment and in what can only be described as a contemptuous lack of judgement on your part you have singled out an employer of 91,500 people at all levels in the UK as a metaphor for an employer of low esteem and scant regard. Not only have you insulted the employees of McDonalds in the UK but also directly insulted those currently employed in the Tyldesley, Lowton and Leigh branches, some of whom are my friends, all of whom your constituents. You have swallowed hook, line and sinker the clichéd stereotype of employees of fast food restaurants and used it for your own political expedience. You must apologise for this incredulous lack of judgement to the employees of McDonalds but specifically to your constituents who have found gainful employment with a responsible employer.

I look forward to your full and frank apology

Richard Short

Leigh Conservatives

Chairman, Wigan Conservative Federation

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