Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Labour's Best Kept Secret? Food Banks

Seven for a Secret Never to be told
As if to temper the good news that the economy is improving, unemployment falling and business confidence is higher than ever, the left are trotting out the line, again, that more people then ever are using food banks. The obvious answer is that this is because they are there. Not wanting to be a hard luck story but there was a time when I would have dearly loved to have had access to a food bank but they simply didn't exist until the the early 2000's. But even though they existed throughout Labour's economic crisis from 2007 the benefits agencies were not allowed to refer people to them. This policy of the Labour government merely denied vulnerable people access to very much needed essentials. This is how Labour claim that food banks were little used during their time. To be able to make this claim meant that many families were denied the generosity of those who give to food banks and kept them reliant on state handouts. But haven't we heard this over and over again? The fixation on achieving NHS targets resulted in 'Targets First' policies in our hospitals rather than patients first. The Labour policy of 'Don't look for problems and you won't find any' strikes again and we get the scandals of Mid Staffs, Morecambe Bay and many others. Labour's reckless behaviour in the Ministry of Defence led to a 38 billion black hole and troops not equipped to fight a hugely difficult campaign. All in all Labours 13 years of Govern by Denial has been brought to an end by a government not afraid to make those difficult decisions. The result is that we will start to live within our means. Food banks can actually feed those in need, troops are properly equipped and protected and patients come out of our hospitals better then when they went in. Lesson to Labour, do you see what a bit of honesty can do.

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