Saturday, 27 July 2013

There's none so blind as them who don't want to see

It started with the news of the Royal College of Surgeons damning report into the University of Hospital Wales, under the control of the Welsh Labour Government. Patients dying on waiting lists, children given hearing aids because no surgeons are available to fit grommets, and grid locked A&E. It reminded me of the time when, despite Tony Blair's promises, we queued round the block to get a dentist, couldn't get a GP appointment more then 48 hours in advance and patients played second fiddle to the almighty targets. It was only when Labour MP, Anne Clwyd compared UHW to Mid Staffs that I tweeted ...

 "If you want to see what the NHS would've been like if still under control then look at NHS Wales now"

The problem with Mid Staffs and other NHS Trusts now under investigation is that whenever a conscientious member of staff wanted to speak up on poor standards they were told to shut up. When a staff member left the NHS because they just could no longer see suffering, they were told to leave and shut up. If anyone dared criticise the NHS in any way, they were told to shut up. I dared to speculate how a Labour Government would be managing the NHS in England had it won the last General Election and Andy Burnham told me to shut up. Old habits die hard.

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  1. Who in their right mind would believe or trust Andy Burnham MP.