Saturday, 20 July 2013

Conservative Party Policy Should Be To Increase State Benefits ... Massively

Leigh Conservatives InTouch, Spring 2013
My latest leaflet exposed an astonishing waste of public money. Wigan Council spent over £600,000 on building and then demolishing a car park which before being built we all knew would not be used. Pounding the streets of Leigh and talking to people about my scoop I was even more astonished by some of the responses. Most, of course, were horrified. Some couldn't care less. When explaining on the doorstep the sheer waste of Council Taxpayers money the brazen response of "I don't pay Council Tax, why should I care"  took me aback. In a way, this person was right. He got his Council Tax paid for him with a 100% reduction. 

Since the replacement of Council Tax Benefit with the Council Tax Support more people who never paid before are now paying at least something. In the case of Wigan Borough this is 20% unless you are a pensioner or have children under 5. For those who've never paid and are now having to pay something I sense a change of mood and attitude to the way the Council raises and then spends our money. For those still not paying any Council Tax the 'couldn't care less mood' persists. Part of the answer comes with Universal Credit. Ironically, Wigan Council is one of those chosen to pioneer the Universal Credit but, sadly, this does not include Leigh. But Universal Credit does not go nearly far enough. It has to include Council Tax. The principles behind Universal Credit are undermined by leaving Council Tax off the list. ALL benefits must be paid in cash and all taxes payable in full by all. Only then will ALL residents of Leigh actually care that their Council has wasted £2/3 million on a useless project.

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