Monday, 6 May 2013

UKIP announces its Shadow Cabinet

A Fruitcake

Leader and would be Prime Minister   - Nigel Farage
Deputy Prime Minister                          - Nigel Farage
Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer - Nigel Farage
Shadow Home Secretary                     - Nigel Farage
Justice Secretary                                 - Nigel Farage
Shadow Foreign Secretary                  - Nigel Farage
Chief Secretary to the Treasury           - Nigel Farage
Business, Innovation and Skills           - Nigel Farage
Defence Secretary                               - Nigel Farage
Transport Secretary                             - Nigel Farage
Overseas Development                       - Nigel Farage
Health Secretary                                  - Nigel Farage
Education Secretary                            - Nigel Farage
Environment and Rural Affairs             - Nigel Farage
Work and Pensions Secretary             - Nigel Farage
Leader of the House of Commons      - Nigel Farage
Leader of the House of Lords             - Nigel Farage (he'll work out a way somehow)

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change - Department Abolished

Departments for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be merged in a new Department run by the Secretary of State for Nigel Farage.


  1. But Ukip aren't going to be the Shadow cabinet in 2 yrs,the Tories are,

    1. If Norfolk and Lancashire County Councils are anything to go by UKIP will make sure there is a Labour Government at the next election

  2. UKIP is currently being led by a man who is a salesman. He has a trading background. If you think that is substantially worse than being a professional-politician, that is your privilige. And you are fortunately of having lots of other parties to choose from.

  3. Only the depraved could support the new 'nice' tories, treating orphans as commodities to amuse the criminal LGBT cult, with Cameron leading the criminal campaign to corrupt public morals contrary to the 1977 Criminal Law Act.