Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Vote UKIP get BNP?

Back in 2011 I was campaigning in Leigh to fight the Council elections for the Conservative Party. Leigh is not exactly rich pickings for us but I'm very pleased to have raised the Tory vote from a low of about 10% to a steady 30% and rising. I'm also quite chuffed the BNP were soundly beaten. Then in 2012 something strange happened. The same candidate contested the same ward but as an independent. This was pointed out to me by my Labour opponent and we both realised what was going on. BNP had its hiatus a few years before. The year that, thanks to Proportional Representation, Nick Griffin became my MEP. Since then the BNP vote has collapsed and my BNP opponent suddenly became an independent. It almost worked. I campaigned hard and beat the 'independent' into 3rd place but his masquerade as an independent had gained him votes. Looking at some of the UKIP candidates it looks as though those with a right of right view on politics are still abandoning their natural home of the BNP and finding a new home in UKIP. Nigel Farage cannot be blamed for those with vile views and opinions gravitating to his party but he can be blamed for doing nothing about it. To now he appears in complete denial. A message to Mr Farage is please learn from history. The BNP grew out of the slump in the polls experienced by the National Front. As if to repeat history the BNP is slumping in the polls now as they did in the 1980's except this time they are finding a surrogate party in UKIP

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