Monday, 8 April 2013

Passing of a Local Lass Who Did Her Dad Proud

This is a picture from google streetview of 25 Westgate, Grantham. It's now the HQ of Grantham Taxis. Before that it was the HQ of Grantham Antiques where my mum was the shopkeeper and I lived in the flat above the shop with an outside privvy and sharing a room with my brother. Today there have been many tributes to a great Grantham lady with similarly humble beginnings, Margaret Hilda Thatcher, who lived with her family in a flat above a shop. The very things that made her a Conservative also shaped my Conservative values - hard work is its own reward, the state should be a hand up, not a hand out and a determination that people should be in charge of, and responsible for their own destiny. Mrs Thatcher took full control of her destiny rose from the daughter of a Grantham shopkeeper living in a flat above a shop to becoming the greatest peacetime Prime Minister we've ever had living in the other flat above the shop, as she affectionately called her Downing Street digs. My being the son of a Grantham Shopkeeper living in the flat above the shop you see in this picture I know only I can determine where I'll end up but one thing is sure Margaret Thatcher is one tough act to follow.

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