Thursday, 7 February 2013

I Love my Kids, that's why I Support Equal Marriage

The votes have been cast and the Commons have agreed that marriage is for all and not just the straight community. I have a feeling that the vote has been won but the debate has only just begun and this is far from the last we have heard of this. Even before the moment David Cameron very publicly declared he is for gay marriage because he is a Conservative I instinctively knew that it was wrong to deny the right of marriage to couples who want to commit their lives to each other. From the start my friends in the LGBT community had my complete and unconditional support. It was during the debate, however, that I had my most profound epiphany moment, I support equal marriage because I love my kids. Love for my family is also unconditional. Should any decide they want to commit to a same sex partner my Christian values and beliefs would insist that God plays a part in their partnership. It would be their choice, of course, but if they had the same insistence then they should be allowed to have their marriage witnessed by God in Church. For the state to effectively forbid this is an abhorrence and has no place in a modern society. As for the picture, this is St Mary's Church in Leigh where I was married and all my children baptised. It would be great if they were also to get married here, no matter who they fell in love in with.

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