Sunday, 13 January 2013

Nigel Farage - Prime Minister

In 1987 The Sun newspaper ran a story under the title "Nightmare under Kinnock" telling what a disaster a Labour government would be to the country. In 1997 the nightmare started on a slow burn and the Labour Government sleep walked the country into financial oblivion. This series of Blogs looks at how a UKIP government would be just as nightmarish and how we mustn't let ourselves be sleepwalked into oblivion again.

The 2015 General Election proved just as unsatisfactory and inconclusive as the election in 2010. The result was, however, fascinating to the non-partisan politico. The collapse of the Lib Dems returned only 9 MP’s to Westminster losing all those who were cabinet ministers in the previous Coalition government including the former Deputy Prime Minister punished by students with long memories causing him to just about hold on to his deposit. The main benefactor in terms of seats were the Labour Party who became the largest party but in a hung Parliament. The surprise were the UK Independence Party who won their first seats. Nigel Farage produced a result by winning a seat after failing to do so in 2010. Labour under the leadership of Prime Minister Ed Miliband formed a minority Government with no party having the political will to form yet another Coalition which proved so self-destructive in the previous Parliament.

Now in 2016, with the minority government unable to push through their manifesto the Labour Leader controversially exercised Royal Prerogative by asking the Queen to dissolve Parliament and call a General Election in defiance of the fixed term rules in an attempt to form a majority Government. Expectant of a 1966 style election it spectacularly back fired. In the lead up to the 2016 snap election, many Conservatives switched allegiance to UKIP and some, unable to reconcile their political conscience and despite being incumbent MP’s stood as little more than paper candidates allowing UKIP to take seat after seat. The shock result in 2016 is a UKIP administration albeit with a wafer thin majority. Bolstered by some support from the remaining Conservative MP’s they are able to form a meaningful majority government. Nigel Farage goes to the Palace, kisses hands and becomes the Queen’s 14th Prime Minister.

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