Saturday, 13 October 2012

Happy 87th Birthday Mrs T

Just like the best Tories my story started in Grantham living in a flat above a shop”. 
This is at the top of all my blog posts and I have a sense of pride in my humble, VERY humble, beginnings (sorry Mr Cameron, I do have a hard luck story!). Today we celebrate the 87th Birthday of that other Grantham Townie whose story started in a flat above a shop. Humble beginnings in Grantham for me included the regular trips to the outside privy and the walk to Huntingtower Road Primary School, at least one of these experiences I’m strangely proud to have shared with Mrs Thatcher. Enough of the nostalgia … the real Tory Story here is the often overlooked message that Mrs Thatcher can give to us all. The Conservative Party is a broad church, inclusive of all and exclusive of none. David Cameron's speech in this year's Party conference reinforced this message that we are not the party of the better off but the party of the want to be better off.( Margaret Thatcher exemplifies this ideal perfectly and we should not only be celebrating her Birthday with her but also celebrating her vision and stoic true Conservatism. The misconception that we are a party of the rich is comprehensively rejected when you stop and see our supporters. True, we have rich and powerful benefactors but for every “Tory Toff” there is a “Champagne Socialist”. The Left Wing obsession with anti-capitalism, Class War and socialism clouds the reality that the country needs equality of opportunity and not just equality. Margaret Thatcher worked so hard to gain recognition and success and can teach us all that it’s not where you’ve come from that’s important, it’s where you’re heading.

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