Sunday, 2 September 2012

Corby, Conservatives and Me

Now that Louise Mensch settles in her new role as the Steward of the Manor of Northstead we look forward to Christine Emmett being a great MP for Corby and East Northants. As a direct contrast to ‘Son of Sawford’, Christine is a hard working individual who is embedded in the real world and not a career politician attempting some form of dynastic fulfilment. While out campaigning for Christine in East Northants I’ve been thinking about East Northamptonshire and the role Corby has played in my life and in me being a Conservative. My whole family are from East Northants and it was my Dad’s recollections of his time in the Corby steelworks which left me utterly flabbergasted at the corrosive effects that excessive and blinkered union power can have on the economy. He worked as a medic and one day his sink needed unblocking. Asking for a plunger he was told that this was the plumber’s job. He expected the plumber to bring his plunger and get the sink working again. What followed was a chain of events all sensible minded people will hope is confined to history. The plumber, accompanied by a plumber’s mate, decided the u-bend had to be removed. As this was painted he said he would need to book a decorator to remove the paint. The reason? …. because if the plumber had removed any paint by simply unscrewing the pipe then the union would complain that a plumber is doing a decorator’s job. The decorator, accompanied by a decorator’s mate, duly removed the paint and the plumber was re-booked to unblock the sink. With the sink unblocked and flowing freely my Dad thought he could now re-open the medical centre, but he was wrong. The job could not be completed until a decorator has re-painted the pipes. A second decorator, accompanied by a decorator’s mate, came and re-painted the pipes and declared the sink useable again. A job, which these days would take about an hour took 2 days. A job which these days would involve just one handy man (or even just my Dad himself) took 2 days and 6 people. My Dad’s experience with Union power in Corby has rubbed off onto me.

A person not being able to just get on with his job frustrated him and was the reason he was a Conservative, the reason why I’m still a Conservative and the reason why Christine Emmett must be elected the Conservative MP for Corby and East Northants.