Monday, 26 March 2012

Tanker Drivers - Health and Safety has Finally Gone Mad

By profession I’m a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner. To some this is the person who dons white hat and coat making shopkeepers’ and restaurateurs’ lives a misery, to others it’s the pedantic jobs-worth costing businesses a fortune in unnecessary health and safety regulation.  It’s none and both of these depending on your point of view. True, I’ve closed down restaurants and forced businesses to act and had many in court to answer to the Judge and Jury. In none of my cases could Health and Safety ever been accused of ‘going mad’. Approaching 100% of the cases we read and hear about in the news have been the result of ever risk averse insurance companies or a fear of being sued in our increasingly litigant society. 

The decision by the tanker drivers to take action because of health and safety leaves me simply astounded. The Unions accuse oil companies of compromising the health and safety of the drivers. We have yet to hear exactly what compromises have been made and exactly how safety has been affected. My suspicion is that, yet again, health and safety is being used and abused to further a cause without foundation. The blindingly obvious suspicion is that the move is a political one hoping to replicate the events of September 2000 when the country was brought to a standstill from spontaneous refinery blockades. The very thought that tanker drivers’ T&C’s have been altered so much that safety is at serious risk is laughable - and I’m qualified to say that!

Tanker Drivers - Health and Safety has Finally Gone Mad

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