Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Give me your stick so I can beat you with it

I’ve been a Tory since the age of 9. It was 1979, I was in Grantham and in the town there was a buzz that a local lass was about to become  the Prime Minister. Since then my support has been solid but passive. Instead of active politics I entered a profession and chose to promote and represent that profession officially ending up as a regional Chairman. I made a decision a few years ago that I wanted to be an activist for the party. I resigned my Chairmanship to avoid any conflict of interests or diary clashes. This is where we come to the scandal of Union Reps, full and part time, being paid from tax receipts. We have Dominic Raab MP (member for Esher and Walton) to thank for this exposure and we need to support his every move until the practice is no more (read more, tinyurl.com/5r2oz7e).  At no time did I demand a wage or even time off to carry out my duties as a chairman of my profession, a profession entirely relevant to my day job so why should a Trade Union demand that its reps be paid by the taxpayer. The argument that some large private sector employers pay their union reps is a red herring. The private sector can spend its money how it wishes and we can choose not to buy their products and services in protest. Mr Raab needs to go the extra mile and introduce a Private Members Bill so Parliament can decide on our behalf whether or not to continue this archaic, "I'm Alright Jack" ritual.

Thanks to Mr Raab bringing this into the public domain the payment of reps is about to enter a new and hopefully more awkward phase. With the public sector strikes about to hit we will have to absurd situation that we the taxpayer will be hit hard by the strikes with the less well off hit the hardest, we the taxpayer will be paying for services we will not be receiving during the strikes yet we the taxpayer will be funding the those who want to perpetuate the strike! It's like giving someone a gun so they can shoot you. Back in June 2010 I predicted this public sector action (read tinyurl.com/6d6xf6j), I signed off this blog   

We can get the economy on track .... don't let the public sector screw it up!” 

so I say again .....

We can get the economy on track .... don't let the public sector screw it up!

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