Monday, 21 February 2011

I call on the Government to ..... make the Sun Rise

I was on the Labour Party Website the other day. I'm not thinking of joining in a Woodward/Davies style defection, I'd rather have my eyeballs tattooed with the words "Keep the red Flag Flying 'ere". I look to see what the opposition are saying so I can challenge my Labour Friends here in their heartland of Wigan Borough. You don't have to look in any particular detail to discover the shallowness of their policies and I have discovered their secret. Basically the Labour Party policy is to call on the Government to do what it is doing anyway (!?). Just this week we saw an attack on Andrew Lansley for treating the NHS as a commodity and many talk about NHS cuts despite the increase in spending. So a call from Red Ed not to cut the NHS budget will be answered in full. The homepage of is demanding the Government spends on International Development. Again, another protected budget and another "victory" for Red Ed in getting what he calls for!

 I can't wait for their next call on the Government. Perhaps they will demand that the Sun must rise in the morning!

I call on the make the Sun Rise

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