Sunday, 9 January 2011

Don't Shoot the Messenger

So today we have seen the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer making a fool of himself on Sky News. Red Ed's chosen one to lead Labour's front bench on the economy did not know the answer to a simple uncomplicated question about employer's National Insurance contributions. he obviously hadn't reached the chapter on NI in his Economy for Dummies he said he needed to read and probably didn't even know that employers had to pay national insurance. The immediate reaction is to lampoon the gaff and point fingers. No doubt he'll be getting more than his fair share of this next time he's at the dispatch box. On reflection, though, the biggest mistake Alan Johnson made was to accept the job in the first place. He is quite obviously out of his depth and this begs more questions about the man who put him there. The question in my mind is did Ed Miliband really appoint him when the smart money was on Ed Balls? The appointment of the former postman, union leader and self confessed Marxist suggests more than a light touch from the Union bosses to push Red Ed into putting him in this top position. As I predicted in my blog "Shadow Shadow Cabinet - What a Balls Up" (, the real Shadow Cabinet isn't the one full of Labour MP's, it's the one full of union bosses. And now we hear that Ed Miliband's efforts to appoint himself a chief of staff has failed at two hurdles with James Purnell and Lord Falconer. Will he be turning to his Shadow Shadow Cabinet for guidance?

I think we have seen the first signs of the Shadow Shadow Cabinet sending out the messenger but we should not shoot him, we need to aim our sights higher.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

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