Saturday, 11 December 2010

We are the Champions?

The violence at the recent student protests was simply disgusting and disgraceful. The latent Neanderthals cannot muster up enough numbers to support a riot of their own so they mingle amongst the young, impressionable and naïve. They whip the crowd into a frenzy and hey presto, you have a riot and, if you’re a Neanderthal, mission accomplished. On the positive side, the Students have found their voice! On the face of it I thoroughly enjoyed watching the protests. It’s a sign of a healthy democracy and should never be discouraged. Any voices calling for protests to be banned because of the violence have to be challenged and I’ll resist the oft used Voltaire cliché. 

And what of the Labour response? There was the usual attack on the Coalition but nothing in response ….. until now. It was hard for Red Ed, he wants the Graduate Tax and his Shadow Chancellor never did. It looks as though the Labour Stasi patrol have got to their beloved Shadow Chancellor and he is now ‘on message’. When challenged on the BBC Today Programme he said he was ‘inconsistent’ and tried to excuse his ‘inconsistency’ by saying the Coalition were in the Premier League for U-turns whereas he was in Champions League! I have to agree the Labour Party are in the Champions league for all sorts of things… not least maxing out the UK credit card meaning that tough decisions need to be made on student finance. The picture for this blog has a double meaning Freddie Mercury is famous for penning the rock anthem We are the Champions but also their hit "I'm going Slightly Mad". When it comes to comparisons to the Labour Party, I know which I prefer!

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