Saturday, 9 October 2010

Shadow Shadow Cabinet - What a Balls up

Many political anoraks (including me) were surprised to see the choices made by Ed Miliband for his frontbench team. I've nothing against Alan Johnson per se, the fact that he's a former postman is not something I'd use to political advantage, after all for better or worse he has held cabinet positions over the past few years. In fact Alan Johnson is my kind of politician in that he actually had a career before politics and is one of these career politicians that know nothing of real life (check out my blog back in March, lobbyists and lobby gobblers, Despite this nonpartisan respect for him it didn't sound good when he announced his first step would be to read an equivalent of economics for dummies. I suspect the real reason for Alan Johnson’s meteoric rise is his strong union background. We all know that Ed Miliband is in the hands of the unions without whose vote he would have lost the leadership election hands down. It’s now crystal clear that the unions have the Labour leader right where they want him and it's clear that the top jobs in the shadow cabinet are union appointments not Ed’s appointments. To the seasoned loyal Labour supporter the appointment of Ed balls to Shadow Chancellor is a no-brainer. Failing that his wife was the out and out winger by a huge margin and would also be the strongest of contenders for the top job. But Red Ed’s strings are being pulled by the Shadow Shadow Cabinet, the union bosses. To make a decision based on "I'd better not do that because it will upset the unions" or even worse "I better not do that because it will upset his wife" is, at best, flawed. Thankfully this is just a shadow cabinet  and these clowns are no longer in a position to make decisions that affect our lives. If we as an electorate turn the Shadow Shadow Cabinet in to a Government, be prepared for decisions to be made based on union power and pillow talk.

Shadow Shadow Cabinet -- what a balls up!

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