Saturday, 25 September 2010

New Labour is Dead, Long Live Ed Labour

So now we have Miliband as the leader of the Labour Party. Which one of the band of Brothers is immaterial as we all know that both of them will be running things in the Labour Party from now on and not in gracious harmony. The Blair Brown pact has got nothing on Miliband of Brothers. Not only will we hear of dodgy deals on what would have happened when one or the other got elected but we’ll also have a deep sibling rivalry, after all according to at least one of them the wrong one has assumed power. This is excellent news, the infighting and backbiting and the divisiveness will keep Labour where they belong - in the political wilderness for many years to come. Ironically they've enjoyed a remarkable honeymoon period of opposition with their default leader Harriet Harman. She has proved a remarkably capable leader of the opposition in an albeit short period of office. We may have had something to fear had she decided to stand as leader, and with the Miliband vote split down the middle she may have won by the back door. With the old Harriet this would not have been a problem. The old Harriet was in government and proved very ineffectual in whichever office she occupied. In opposition, with nothing to prove and everything to gain by skilful use of words and political nails she has proved remarkably adequate. Ed Miliband, on the other hand, will give us Tories great ammunition for showing just how split the Labour Party are and always have been. Forget the Old Labour, New Labour we now have Ed Labour. We mustn’t squander this opportunity by allowing Ed to run away with the arguments over tax and spending. Let's face it, he's been put there by the Unions not by his party or fellow MP’s. The Unions will want some payback and he won't give that by backing the only possible way forward, the Conservative policy of deficit reduction. The result will be a left-wing backlash within the Labour Party with Ed Miliband as its champion promoting the all-too-familiar socialist policies or spend, spend, spend. There's never been any doubt in a socialist government’s ability to spend money and on the opposition benches with Ed Miliband at its helm will show this to be all too true once more. The mantra is clear old Labour is dead long live Ed Labour.

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