Saturday, 15 May 2010

“Tory Tory Tory - Out Out Out!”

This would not usually be my first choice of title for a Tory story. You may have read in my last blog that a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. I'm sorry to report that I still have quite a few steps to go if the Conservative party is to have any serious representation in Leigh. Notwithstanding this disappointment I'm still a committed Conservative will still be blogging the Tory story and I'll still be trying my hardest to dislodge this rather moribund Labour council we in Wigan Borough have to live under.

I'm not bitter, not twisted; I'm not seriously disappointed that the Conservatives didn't get overall majority in Parliament. In fact the way the coalition is looking I’m feeling rather relaxed at the prospects of this government to deliver solid Conservative policies, after all we do have a Conservative Prime Minister. 

It is a warm comfortable feeling that we have all four great offices of state occupied by Conservative MPs and that we have Prime Minister David Cameron meeting foreign dignitaries on the steps of chequers. It’s well overdue that the squatters who have been occupying number 10 these past 13 years have finally being shoe-horned out and the rightful residents have regained occupancy. 

There was a single seemingly insignificant event that really raised my hackles, gave me goose bumps and a genuine feeling of "we're back!" Watching the news the other day a Conservative MP was arriving for a meeting and was met with a large number of protesters chanting "Tory Tory Tory-Out Out Out". Having not heard this phrase from the last 13 years this, to me, was the real confirmation that regardless of any coalition agreement the public psyche, especially to the opposition, is that we have a Tory government. I'm not under any illusions, we have what we have, a coalition of a Conservative led Lib Dem / Conservative government. Yes we are the major party and yes we do have more seats in parliament than anybody else but my sensible head makes me realise that some serious concessions and had to be made. My unsensible head makes me rise to the challenge of an opposition back where it should be - in opposition - and not in government.

“Tory Tory Tory-In In In!”

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