Monday, 26 April 2010

72,391 steps to a Council Seat

There is a saying, "a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step". I'm campaigning for a Council Seat in one of Labour's safest constituencies where, at the last count there was a 94.9%chance of them staying put. the title of this latest post is more than a litte prophetic. Nonetheless I managed to compose a campaign team, get 1000's of leafets ready to post and as many doors waiting to be knocked. One week (ish) to go and we've got about 4,000 leaflets out in two editions and a surprising number of pledge and thanks letters  for support. We are well on track for a decent knocking up session in the final week of polling. The Tory Story in all this? Even in the safest non-tory seats it's worth hammering away at the opposition. One election might dent the solid majority, the next election might turn the safe seat into a marginal, the election after that ..... who knows.

At the beginning of all this I thought I'd try out my new pedometer and have clocked up the title figure of 72,391 steps so far. According to the Romans this is about 37 miles. I've got 963 miles or 1,926,000 steps to go. I make that about the 2014 General Election - the Tory Story will still be going, I'll let you know if I get there.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

1980's .... it's good to be back

The election has been called and the gloves have well and truly come off. For the first time since in a long time there is some good old fashioned politics going on. One opening shot is the Gene Hunt Tories taking us back to the eighties poster. It is curious that Labour want us to remember the time when we won every election in the decade by a landslide (we were rather popular then) and all they could do was write "the longest suicide note in history".
But they did something else. In the 1987 election they actively campaigned to reverse a 2p cut in income tax. The figures sound alarming now but they saw a virtue (and votes?) in campaigning to restore income tax to a staggering 29%. Roy Hattersley, the Shadow Chancellor, was dubbed Count Draculabour. It is curious, then, that they have chosen a battleground, National insurance, where they comprehensively lost in the past.

To coin a phrase the National Insurance debate is opening up clear blue water between us and Labour. Yes it is a return to to the 80's. This was a time a political debate and sound ideology. The choice is becoming clear. A vote for the Conservatives is a vote to keep your money in your pay packet, a vote for Labour is a voting to have the Government raid your pay packet and they will decide how it is spent.

1980's ..... it's good to be back!