Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sport Relief 2010 has a Tory Story

It's Sunday 21st March 2010 and 165,000 people across the UK donning their Sport Relief Socks and running the Sport Relief 1, 3 or 6 miles. In my case this in Manchester City Centre and was the full 6 miles. Connor, my wonderful and precious son kindly "volunteered" me to run with him which hastely agreed before he told me he was doing the full 6 miles!

I was so glad he did. Not only was it very rewarding and a really good work out but I'm perfectly capable of covering 6 miles and if vulnerable people in the UK and abroad can manage to get through each day as if it were a marathon then I could manage 6 miles with nice cup of tea and cake at the end of it - simple!

Yes - we did it and raised over £200 in the process. To put it in perspective this enough to provide 40 mosquito nets preventing Malaria again and again, night after night.

But where's the Tory Story. Manchester must be the best place to run Sport Relief. the route took us down the famous cobbles of Coronation Street. and right past the house of Ken Barlow. He maybe a lily lefty Guardian reader but the actor, Bill Roache, is a firm Conservative Party supporter. For the record Ken lives at 1 Coronation Street (in the picture below) next door to the Rovers.

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